How to Organise a Stress Free and Fun End of Year Function

Time flies when you’re having fun! If you’re in as much disbelief as we are here at Segway HQ at just how incredibly fast the year has flown, you are not alone.

As the proud creators of our signature team building activity, Seglympics, we were reminded recently by Metro Property Management just how important it is to celebrate your team milestones. It also reminded us to shout our interactive Seglympics team building activity from the Segway Victoria rooftop.

We want a Seglympics megaphone not because we love it. Because our clients love it. Over the years we have had the pleasure of witnessing clients achieve Seglympics magic. Whether a client is a small business or large corporate organisation they have never regretted replacing (or complementing) a traditional sit down lunch or dinner with a fun ‘one for all and all for one’ activity like Seglympics.

The megaphone really comes out when we receive feedback like this from Jody at FIS Australia:

“I just wanted to pass on our company’s feedback from Friday….every single person has thanked us for organising such an AMAZING event the best they have had… the day was perfect… the guys that you had for us were AMAZING, so much fun… people are still talking about it in the office this morning… and maybe one day we can do it all again… it was the best ever event we have had and we have had quite a few over the years.”

Or this from Linda B at ANZ:

“Our team have done just about every team-building experience out there & just about everyone said that this was the best ever!! The Segway Victoria team can tailor the event to suit you … it can be team building, strategy session, competitive etc. I think we did all of the above! I highly recommend it.”

How about this from Eleanor Hinchliffe at BP:

“Our Regional Managers had an excellent time with you and your team. The Seglympics activities were fun, dynamic and challenging. The Segways brought out the boys’ competitive spirits, but were heaps of fun for the girls too and combined a truly new experience with team work and communication. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!”

So when it comes to ‘Organising a Stress Free, Fun End of Year Function’ and you are looking looking for an interactive experience that’s new, genuinely fun & completely irresistible we have three tips for you:

1. Contact Us

The first thing to get you closer to and end of year function like no other is to get in touch with us. Outside of hosting Seglympics fun at Rochford Winery we have locations all across Victoria or we can assess bringing the fun to an existing venue where you are already holding a function or end of year event. What we do better than delivering Seglympics and Segway tours is helping you with all the logistics including, indoor or outdoor venues, catering, combining other team building adventures or even accommodation recommendations. Be rest assured if you call us on (03) 9485 5293 or email us at we welcome the brain pickings and the chat.

2. Reach out to our clients

They are our greatest ambassadors. They have walked in your shoes, been there and had the fun experience and we always welcome future clients connecting with our past ones. Read more about what our clients have to say.

3. Set the date

If it doesn’t get scheduled it doesn’t get done. So at the very least make a date in the diary for your end of year fun and you have much better success of making it happen! Speaking of making it happen I refer you back to step one and two!

We love what we do and welcome the opportunity to help make your next team event the most memorable one ever.

To your most ‘team’ fun standing up,

Team Segway

Our Seglympics™ range of activities can be as structured or as unstructured as your group desires. We can work with you to achieve your specific organisational goals or can simply reward your team with some fun times. Regardless of any other goal, we can always guarantee our activities will be fun for all involved! Contact us for #MostFunStandingUp customised to you!