14 Reasons to Give the #MostFunStandingUp

The count down is ON with 14 days to go until Christmas and because we think our Segway experience makes the coolest gift going around we like to take the opportunity to remind our wonderful adventure seekers to give an experience during the festive season!

So, instead of filling those Christmas stocking with stuff, think about giving your hard working staff, friends and loved ones a Yarra Valley Segway tour gift voucher instead.

To help you in your Christmas gift buying decisions the Segway team have come up with 14 very good (and very valid) reasons you must take into consideration. For some extra festive fun we will reveal our reasons with drum rolls and all, one day at a time until the big day.

Here they are ladies and gentlemen ’14 Reasons You Must Buy A Segway Experience This Christmas’:

Reason Number 14 – Segway Experiences don’t collect dust!


Reason Number 13 – Parking is not an issue!


Reason Number 12 – Best present buyer EVER!


Reason Number 11 – Won’t get lost in the mail!


Reason Number 10 – Doesn’t break !


Reason Number 9 – It’s valid for 12 months!


Reason Number 8 – Bragging rights!


Reason Number 7 – It’s a chance to visit the Yarra Valley!


Reason Number 6 – Tour is on a winery!


Reason Number 5 – Experience includes lunch & wine!


Reason Number 4 – Amazing photo opportunities!


Reason Number 3 – You will help tick a bucket list!


Reason Number 2 – Great for kids 12 & up!


Reason Number 1 – It is the most fun standing up!


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Stay safe and happy during the festive season 🙂

To your most fun standing up,

Team Segway